In Rumania it got a bit cooler and travelling was a bit more convinient (besides the road conditions) and we reached Baia Mare where we intent to stay for to days two relax after the first 1.100 km.

Today was a day of rest with all what should be done on a day like that: sleeping in, having a nice extended breakfast and a walk around town.

After the day off we started our way to Sibiu. On the way was a big black cloud, that we were trying to avoid, but the winds were not on our side today. We got really wet in the rain, nevertheless we were dried up in the last two hours of our trip to Sibiu. After we checked in our hotel we saw a few other bikes arriving, counting at least 80 bikes after a while, all of them staying in our hotel. I think we are lucky to be independend, considering that the other group is on a guided tour through Romania....

On the 11. July 2012  we had to share the breakfast room with the other 80 bikers. When we were loading our bike, a group of the other bikers, growing bigger by the minute, gathered around our bike and asked us all kind of questions. After we answered all of them we bid our farewell and left Sibiu heading towards Bucarest. The route choosen by the navigating system was very scenic, however there were many trucks on the roads that wanted to be overtaken ;-). When we reached Bucarest the temperature also reached the highest point of 37° C, someone should really think about inventing a aircon for the bike... ;-)